Building an online Gallery with Mosaya

Building your very own online gallery has become much easier with Mosaya. Simply follow the steps below to create a Mosaya account, enter your item information, and customize your gallery web pages. Just like eBay, to sell online with your Mosaya gallery, you must have a Paypal account which is able to accept payments. Paypal is a popular service for accepting online payments. If you do not have one already, please sign up to get a free account at

  1. Create a Mosaya Account.
    • Go to http://noowa.comdesign/register.jsp
    • Fill out the information on the form.
    • The activation email will be sent to you. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your account.
    • After your account is activated, log on and click on Merchant Info link on the left.
    • Fill out the additional information necessary for Mosaya to construct your online gallery. The Business Name field is the unique name for your gallery in the Mosaya system. The Paypal Business Email field is the email address that you used to register your Paypal account.
  2. Design Gallery (Video Instructions)
    • You can use a Mosaya provided template to build your gallery. Mosaya also allows you to upload your own webpage into the system as the template. You will convert this webpage into an gallery website by placing the different components of the gallery such as the category tree and item listing on the page.
    • Click on the Design Gallery link on the left, select which method you want to use to update your webpages.
    • After you upload the webpage (and choose the template page if you have uploaded a ZIP files), it will be displayed inside a separate frame. A popup window that contains the gallery components will also come up. You need to place all those components into the page you have just uploaded either by dragging and dropping their images from the popup window into the frame containing your page, or copying and pasting the images over.
    • Click on the Preview Gallery button to tell Mosaya to generate the new gallery.
  3. Enter Category and Item Information.
    • Start creating your item categories by clicking on Categories link.
    • Enter the information for the new category and click Save button to save it. You can see the newly created category in the category tree on the left side.
    • If you want to create a subcategory, click on a category that you want the new category to appear under and enter its information.
    • After you have created the item categories, now enter the item information by clicking the Items link, then click on the Create a new Item link on top.
    • Enter the information about the new item into the form. To create the item under one of your categories, simply click on the containing category. The current category that your new item will be placed in appears in bold and its path is also displayed on top of the form. To go back to the top level categories.
    • Mosaya provides a few standard fields for all items. You can define your own custom item types that contain special fields. For example, you can define a type called "Books" with fields like "Author" and "Edition". To define a new item type, click on the Create Custom Types link on the left.
    • Add additional fields for the new item type by clicking the More Fields link. When you have all the fields entered, click Create to save it.
    • To create a new item of a particular custom type, in the Create item form, select the item type from the dropdown list above the category tree.
  4. Set up Shipping
    • Mosaya supports a flat shipping fee for all your items. You can set up the shipping fee to apply on every item in an order or once on an entire order. If you want to charge a different shipping fee for any items, you can override the default shipping by entering their own shipping charge on the item information form.
    • Click on the Shipping link on the left.
    • Fill out the shipping charge amount and select whether it applies to an entire order or each item in the order. Then click Update to save the shipping charge.

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